Florida Weather

Florida Coast Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The Florida Coast enjoys a pleasant tropical climate with high temperatures in the summer months and moderately warm temperatures in the winter.

Heavy rainfalls often occur in late afternoon but storms quickly subside.  The humidity level can be quite high, particularly during the summer months.

Although northern Florida will very occasionally experience a winter frost, the coastal areas normally remain mild and pleasant throughout the winter months.

Weather in Florida
Weather on the Florida Coast

Because the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are warmer than the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Coast can be more pleasant for swimming in the winter months.

Hurricanes pose a threat to the Florida Coast between June 1 and November 30 during the hurricane season.  The worse period is from August to October.  Fortunately, Florida is well prepared for tropical storms.

If you are planning to visit the Florida Coast, the ideal time of year is from December through May, when the temperatures are most pleasant.  The Florida Coast, however, is a very popular vacation destination throughout the year.

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